Getting Started

At DeGol Carpet we try to educate the customer to take away from the stress and confusion of selecting your new flooring. There are thousands of options to choose from and we strive to make sure you get the product that will perform for your circumstances as well as look the way you want it to. Our staff of knowledgeable sales people also have backgrounds in interior design allowing them to help make a selection that will work best with your current décor. Now let’s explain the step by step process you can expect when shopping at DeGol Carpet.


You are in the right place for step 1. Educate yourself on our site as well as other sites. Visit our Houzz and Facebook pages to get your inspiration as well as hear from other customer’s experiences.


Stop in our showroom to take a look around and learn more about the products we have and what would best work for your home.


Once you have some options picked out we can send our field estimator with 30+ years’ experience to measure your home and see any potential problems there could be with installation. It is suggested that a professional measure your home for better accuracy. Each product has its own waste factors and we measure to make sure we have just enough material to do your job. Please keep in mind that waste is a part of putting your new floor in and there are no refunds for any material left over. To give an idea if your room is 10’x10’ you cannot expect to pay for 100 sq. ft. of flooring. Carpet typically is made 12’ wide so you would need 120 sq. ft. If there is a spot in another room that we can utilize the 2’x10’ piece that is left over we will but that is not always possible. Rest assured that we will quote the job with the most accurate quantity needed so that our prices will beat our competitors.


Once your flooring has been measured you can expect a quote within a day or two from your sales person. Here are some questions you can ask so that you understand everything in your quote and what you are being priced on:

How long will the installation of my flooring take?

Typically our team can give you a pretty good idea as to the number of days but keep in mind there are always unforeseen circumstances that could make the job go quicker or slower than anticipated.

How soon can you install my flooring?

This will depend on the availability of the flooring you selected. If it is something in stock we will be able to schedule the install on our next open day that works with your schedule. If we have to order your flooring we wait until all materials are in our warehouse before we call you to set up a day to install. We do this because sometimes materials do not arrive on the day we promised which screws up our schedule and your schedule if we set up a date for you.

Does the quote include removal and disposal of flooring?

Typically we price for this unless you want to take care of the removal and disposal yourself. Usually the hassle of this for the customer is not worth the savings.

Can we compare your labor rate to a competitor?

Of course you can but watch out for the Big Box stores who inflate other prices to make the labor price look lower. Over all it is best to compare the price of the entire job and make sure the steps taken to complete your install are the same from both competitors. If one company is putting down a new subfloor in your kitchen make sure the other one is also putting down a new subfloor.

What happens if there is a problem?

We would be lying if we said every one of our jobs goes perfectly. We are human and sometimes we have some minor problems. Not to worry though, we always follow through and make sure any issues with an unhappy customer are satisfied so you can enjoy your new floor.

Who moves the furniture?

We will price to move all furniture but you can save money by moving it yourself. This only applies to large items such as dressers, beds, tables, etc. All loose items on the floor or any breakables should be moved before our installation team arrives.

How long is installation guaranteed?

Our installation warranty is for 1 year covering any installation issues. Be sure to ask about caring for your floor as most problems are caused by improper care or climate in the home. If you go on vacation for two weeks and allow your home to be 50 degrees you can probably expect some problems with your new wood flooring.